Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gratitude felt good today

I'm a referral based business. I don't make cold calls or sit in an office answering phones trying to drum up business. I rely on the referrals of past clients and friends. Thankfully it has worked well for me. And each referral I see as a 'thank you' from a previous client.

Today though I got a written thank you, not the first - but it has been a very busy stressful couple of days, navigating some challenging deals. So for some reason when it arrived it meant alot.

Thought I'd share:

August, 2009


Working with you was a pleasure and even though our search for a house was filled with disappointments and challenges your confidence and constant reassurances as well as hard work has left us in a house that I feel is truly a great investment for us to improve and make our own.

Thank you again!

A very cool client (name withheld)

That made me feel good today.

I have a stack of articles I want to share excerpts from for this/my real estate blog...maybe when the market slows down a bit I'll get to it. (Sorry for those of you in bad markets, but we are busy around here)